Protecting the ecological integrity of
Accabonac Harbor
since 1985.

Water Quality Testing

The Accabonac Protection Committee is working to monitor water quality in and near Accabonac Harbor. Water samples are collected each week in the summer by APC members who sample from Accabonac Harbor at Louse Point Beach  and Shipyard Lane. She also samples from Pussy's Pond and Three Mile Harbor Folkstone. The samples are analyzed by Concerned Citizens of Montauk for enterococcus and the results are published weekly. 

Test Results June 17:

  • Louse Point: 10 (low)
  • Shipyard Ramp 132 (hight)
  • Pussy's Pond 312 (high)
  • Three Mile Harbor Folkstone 21 (low)

Reference Maps


US Geological Service Ground Water Depth on LI


Town of East Hampton Water Protection District, Searchable map


Community in Unity Around Accabonac

APC Mission & Accomplishments


  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Adopt-a-Preserve
  • Education & Outreach 
  • Litter Pick Up

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APC Events & Activities


  • June 12th @ 6:00 PM APC  Forum - Note time change for “Health of the Harbor II, What You Can Do” at Ashawagh Hall. 
  • June 22nd - "Kick off to Summer Paddle" - Details to follow
  • June 22nd @ 7pm - "Plastics…What’s All This Fuss About Plastics?” at South Fork Natural History Museum
  • July 17th @ 5:30PM APC Forum "Marsh Madness" at Ashawagh Hall
  • August 10th @ 10am to 3pm Fisherman's Fair at Ashawagh Hall
  • September 12th @ 5:30PM APC Forum "Accabonac: Life In and Around, Past and Present" at Ashawagh Hall

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APC Blog, Press & Publications


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Methoprene Spray Maps 2018

MOSQUITO MAPS June 18 thorugh August 20 2018 (pdf)