Community in Unity Around Accabonac

APC Mission & Accomplishments

  • Water Quality Imrovement
  • Adopt-a-Preserve
  • Education & Outreach 
  • Litter Pick Up

APC Events & Activities

  • October 9th @ 11:30AM - Final Report on Methoprene Spraying presented by Suffolk County Vector Control et al at the Home of Edwina Von Gal at 964 Springs Fireplace Rd.
  • October 30th @ 5:30PM - APC Forum on Drinking Water at Ashawagh Hall.

APC Blog, Press & Publications

Maps: Methoprene Spraying Summer 2018

 The attached file provides  Suffolk County Vector Control maps of spraying on Accabonac Harbor  June through August 20th indicating both survey spots and “hotspots”.