Improve water quality throughout the Accabonac Watershed by using Town and County grant aid to replace your septic system


Volunteers Wanted!

Participate in the Third Annual Mosquito Larvae Sampling!

The East Hampton Town Trustees seek applicants who would like to join a cooperative effort that includes Suffolk County Vector Control, the Town of East Hampton and The Nature Conservancy for a third year of mosquito larvae sampling in the 190 acres of marshland that surround Accabonac Harbor.  Those interested in applying should send a brief bio / resume with their contact information to East Hampton Town Trustee Susan McGraw Keber at

Community in Unity Around Accabonac

APC Mission & Accomplishments


  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Adopt-a-Preserve
  • Education & Outreach 
  • Litter Pick Up

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APC Events & Activities


  • April 27th @ 9:00am to 1pm "Shoreline Sweep" Litter pick-up at Gerard Drive and Louse Point 
  • June 1st @ 11:00AM - "Eco Day" at EH Town Hall
  • June 12th @ 5:30PM APC  Forum - “Health of the Harbor II, What You Can Do” at Ashawagh Hal
  • June 22nd - "Kick off to Summer Paddle" - Details to follow
  • July 17th @ 5:30PM APC Forum "Marsh Madness" at Ashawagh Hall
  • August 10th @ 10am to 3pm Fisherman's Fair at Ashawagh Hall
  • September 12th @ 5:30PM APC Forum "Accabonac: Life In and Around, Past and Present" at Ashawagh Hal

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APC Blog, Press & Publications


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Maps: Methoprene Spraying Summer 2018

 The attached file provides  Suffolk County Vector Control maps of spraying on Accabonac Harbor  June through August 20th indicating both survey spots and “hotspots”.