The APC Mission Fulfilled Four Ways

APC Protects, Enhances & Restores the Ecological Integrity of Accabonac Harbor through:

Water Quality Improvement

APC works with the East Hampton Department of Natural Resources and co-funded a pilot project that locates and quantifies groundwater sources of nitrogen flowing into specific areas of the Harbor. The program, commenced in 2016, resulted in a nitrogen mitigation project that is ongoing. APC supports the plan to allot 20% of Community Preservation Funds for direction toward clean water projects by lobbying officials and speaking at public meetings. APC backs density reduction in Springs by supporting and contributing to land acquisitions in the vicinity of the Harbor, including the Filipelli and Potter parcels.

Education and Outreach

APC offers instruction and provides information to the public about those issues that affect the harbor and how our residents can implement practices to improve water quality. We conduct forums and develop videos about a variety of topics such as methoprene use, fertilizer use, septic system upgrading programs, and non-toxic lawn and garden care. APC is developing programs to engage the students and parents of the neighboring Springs School.

Responsible Enjoyment of Accabonac Harbor and its Preserves 

APC organizes and implements activities for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy many aspects of Accabonac Harbor and its Preserves, both on and off the water.  These include: nature walks in conjunction with the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society, beach and road litter removal through the Town’s Adopt-a-Road Program and in cooperation with other environmental organizations, and beach clean ups using kayaks and paddle-boards to gain access to remote areas of the shore of the Harbor.

Adopt-a Preserve Oversight

APC adopted the Pussy’s Pond Nature Preserve through the East Hampton Town Adopt-a-Preserve Program. We are working to improve the view of the Harbor from the bridge on Old Stone Highway by trimming phragmite and other plants as required and planning future projects to improve the Pond in conjunction with the town’s Land Acquisition and Management Department. 

See below for a complete list of APC's  Accomplishments!


APC Accomplishments Meet Mission Goals


Water Quality Improvement

  • Pushed to have Harbor Protection Overlay District enacted (and we continue to lobby for upgrades that would include the entire actual watershed)
  • Produced forums to educate the public on issues of concern: coastal erosion, the effects of sea level rise, threats to water quality, good landscaping practices
  • Conducted water quality testing for two years under guidance of Cornell Cooperative Extension and East Hampton Natural Resources Department
  • Sponsored numerous plantings for erosion control on Gerard Point and Louse Point
  • Did “unplantings” to help remove noxious invasives; supported Natural Resources Department and Group for the East End in Japanese Knotweed removal, then replanted with beach grass at Louse Point

Adopt-a-Preserve Oversight

  • APC is the adoptive parent of Gerard Drive, Louse Point Rd and Landing Lane through the Town of East Hampton “Adopt-A-Road” Program. We encourage all who walk the roads and beaches to pick up while enjoying Accabonac’s beautiful vistas.
  • Facilitated land acquisitions: Weitzman, Kligman, Dodge, Filipelli, Nivola and Potter, as well as parcels on Gerard, small lots throughout Springs (it’s an ongoing effort!)
  • Created a plan and gained Town approval for preservation of Louse Point and Gerard Point including: removal of asphalt and roadbed; plantings to arrest erosion; installation of attractive fencing to establish appropriate foot paths; and erection of signs to identify the Points and encourage positive behavior
  • Contributed to the creation of the Nature Preserve Management Plan for Louse Point
  • Persuaded the Town to establish a No-Driving zone on Louse Point Beach
  • Contributed to the first Open Marsh Water Management project on Accabonac and gave ongoing OMWM support
  • Fought bad mosquito abatement policies and practices, bad development attempts and behaviors that could negatively affect Accabonac
    • Rewarded outstanding contributions of various kinds by bestowing our Friend of the Creek Award on individuals who have benefitted Accabonac
    • Urged the Town to offer tax incentives to facilitate replacement of old underground oil tanks and encouraged a similar approach for replacement of old septic systems

Education & Outreach

  • Sponsored a booth every year in the annual Fisherman’s Fair (second Saturday in August), with our ever-popular quiz game for children and adults to “Test your Creek IQ”
  • Supported creation of the Community Preservation Fund and all open-space initiatives
  • Contributed to the East Hampton Comprehensive Plan, Peconic Estuary Program and establishment of Peconic Baykeeper
  • Requested Nature Preserve Committee to prevent further erosion at Pussy’s Pond by replanting grassy area and designating other parking area
  • Recommended Weitzman purchase be renamed Barbara Hale Reserve and urged that it be maintained as meadow, a valuable and rapidly disappearing ecosystem
  • Sponsored Cile Downs’ creation and production of a series of video programs titled Long Live Accabonac!currently showing on YouTube; also available for sale and at local libraries
  • Co-sponsored A PRFCT EARTH DAY with The Perfect Earth Project to provide expert advice on keeping toxins out of your yard and out of our water.
  • Went into partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and East Hampton Town to help fund a project to identify nitrogen sources in Accabonac Harbor.

Litter Pick-Up

  • Persuaded Town Trustees to provide and enforce rules for use of portable watercraft at Louse Point and Gerard Point, especially regarding overnight storage
  • Held “View Tour” and “Organic Garden Tour” to raise awareness and funds
  • Were among the first and longest ongoing “Adopt-a-Road” groups (Louse Point Road, Gerard Drive and Landing Lane)
  • Participated in all Great East End and International Beach Clean Ups, plus co-produced “Springs Spring Cleanings”
  • Sponsored IMAGES OF ACCABONAC, an multimedia art show featuring artists’ vision of Accabonac Creek and its surroundings
  • Involved local school groups—from elementary classes through high school—in plantings and clean ups
  • Participated in the first “A Day In Springs” festival with our Anything That Floats RegattaPersuaded Town Trustees to provide and enforce rules for use of portable watercraft at Louse Point and Gerard Point, especially regarding overnight storage